Veneers in Salem, MA

At Salem Dental Group in Salem, MA, we provide a wide array of cosmetic dental procedures. Veneers are quite popular because they’re effective and easy to apply. When a patient sees us with a problem, we examine them before making our recommendation. Cosmetic dentistry includes many different procedures and deciding which to use requires knowledge and experience.

We might recommend veneers for one patient but recommend a crown for another. At the end of the day, our goal will be to provide you with healthy teeth that meet the cosmetic standard you’re expecting.

What Are Veneers?

Veneers are thin shells that we stick to the front surfaces of teeth. We can use veneers to cover discolored, crooked, and damaged teeth. If a tooth is discolored, we can simply whiten it, but this doesn’t always work. Deeply stained teeth don’t respond to whitening, and covering them with veneers would be a better option.

At Salem Dental Group, we explain to patients that veneers don’t have to cover all of your teeth. Instead, we can just apply veneers to the teeth that show when you smile for a brighter look. Veneers don’t strengthen or treat teeth. They’re purely cosmetic.

Getting Veneers

Getting veneers is simple but can take two visits. Veneers are made specifically for your teeth, so we need to take measurements and send them for manufacturing. You’ll come back when we receive the veneers so we can apply them. Patients need to know that applying veneers will entail removing about 0.5mm of the front surfaces of their teeth. The veneer is then firmly attached.

Veneers aren’t removable. You can’t take them off and put them back on before an important event. If you want to remove or replace your veneers, it’ll have to be at the dentist’s office. Getting veneers isn’t an alternative to brushing your teeth. The presence of veneers won’t protect your teeth from decay and bacteria. Regular brushing is important for the health of your teeth and to keep your veneers bright for as long as possible. Give us a call today to schedule a consultation!.

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