Tooth-Colored Fillings in Salem, MA

Our dentist at Salem Dental Group in Salem, MA, can offer our patients tooth-colored fillings that can protect teeth and seamlessly blend in with their natural teeth.

Materials for White Fillings

If you need fillings but don’t want them to show when you smile or laugh, our dentists can match them as closely as possible to the color of your teeth. These fillings consist of composite resins, which is a combination of two materials, an acrylic called BIS-GMA and glass filler particles. These materials are liquids when they are mixed, but then they quickly harden to become a composite resin.

Along with filling cavities in teeth, our dentists use composite resins as a bonding material to repair damaged teeth or to improve how teeth look. For instance, if you fall and chip your tooth, a composite resin can attach the chip back onto the tooth, or a dentist can sculpt it to the tooth to replace the chip.

Getting the Right Shade

Before mixing the resin in our Salem, MA office, our dentist at Salem Dental Group will use a shade chart to determine the color of your teeth. Then before mixing the materials for the resin, they will add the tints to match the shade they found on the chart. After using the tooth-colored filling in your teeth, the material should dry to match the color, making it difficult to see which teeth they filled.

There are several benefits to using tooth-colored fillings, including the strength of the resin. When bonded to the tooth, the resin can restore up to 95 percent of the tooth’s strength. This means if you had a tooth chip or crack, the resin is strong enough to hold it together during normal use.

If you need fillings in Salem, MA, call our office to set-up an appointment for our dentist to fix your smile.

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