Night Guards in Salem, MA

If you’ve found yourself waking up throughout the night from grinding your teeth or getting your tongue pinched between your teeth, you’ll be happy to discover that a night guard from our dentists near you can provide relief from either situation. Vastly improved from older over-the-counter solutions, our night guards are customized to fit your mouth and your condition. Keep reading to learn more about the upgraded materials and technology used in night guards available from our dentists in Salem, MA.

Night Guards from Our Dentists Near You Come in a Variety of Options

We know how important having a range of treatment options to choose from is to our patients. Examples include types of dental crowns and dental veneer materials, to name a few, but this selection continues into options to choose from for night guards as well. Depending on how your night guard will be used, Dr. Donadula may recommend a hard night guard, a soft night guard, an ultra-thin night guard, or a hybrid combination.

The takeaway is that you’ll receive one-on-one personalized care that absolutely cannot be replaced when choosing over-the-counter night guards, which frequently over-promise and under-deliver on their effectiveness.

Remember, even if grinding your teeth right now doesn’t seem like it’s presenting a problem to your health or the quality of your life, the continued habit will result in a change in the shape and effectiveness of your teeth when trying to chew food and could even result in eventual tooth loss. By being proactive now and using a night guard that’s been recommended for your teeth and your jaw alignment, you can eliminate having to worry about these eventualities from occurring.

Receive the Treatment You Need in Record Time

When you visit our dentists in Salem, MA for a night guard or any of the other dental appliances we can provide, you’ll receive high quality treatment and appliances. Take the guesswork out of your tooth grinding solutions near you and make an appointment now using our convenient online booking tool.

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