Dental Exams and Cleanings in Salem, MA

Regular visits to the dentist are essential to maintain good oral health. If you need a dental office near you for regular exams and cleanings in Salem, MA, see us today at Salem Dental Group. We are a quality, comfortable office dedicated to helping our patients obtain optimal oral health and wellness.

Why Do I Need an Exam?

The oral exam is an essential component of proper health, wellness, and maintenance. During the exam, our staff gets the chance to understand what is normal for you while also assessing your teeth and gums for the signs of disease or conditions like tooth decay.

By having regular exams, you allow your dentist to know what your oral health is typically like, which makes it easier to identify when something has changed. For example, if your gums are naturally lighter than normal, we will be able to note this instead of seeing it as a potential sign of a problem like gum disease.

During our exams at Salem Dental Group, we will also ask to take x-rays of your smile and jaws if we do not have any on file. This allows us to determine whether or not your mouth is properly aligned and comfortable.

Why Do I Need a Cleaning?

Although you might brush and floss your teeth at home, modern devices like portable toothbrushes do not reach all areas of the mouth. There are pockets of plaque and food particles that are left behind, which decay the teeth and can cause oral infections.

A professional will be able to remove plaque and tartar, so you do not struggle with common problems like dental cavities, gingivitis, or halitosis.

Who Needs Treatment?

Professional dental organizations around the world recommend biannual exams and cleanings for everyone that is one year of age and older. These visits are excellent examples of preventive dentistry and can keep a smile healthy and strong for years.

If you would like high quality exams and cleanings near you in Salem, MA, please call us today at Salem Dental Group to schedule a consultation and appointment.

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