Emergency Dentistry in Salem, MA

If you’re searching for a dentist near you in Salem, MA to help diagnose and treat your emergency dentistry concern, Salem Dental Group is here to help. We invite you to call our office now so we can triage your concern and determine whether it requires immediate attention or if there are steps you can take at home until normal business hours open an appointment opportunity.

What We’ll Need to Know

We know that every situation that requires emergency dentistry near you will be different, but we’ll want to know the following general information in all instances:

  • If you’re bleeding from the mouth, how long has it been occurring, and did it involve an injury?
  • If you’re experiencing oral pain, can it be described as steady, throbbing, shooting, sharp, or sporadic?
  • If you have a loose tooth (or teeth), how long has the condition been present?
  • If you’re experiencing any swelling or numbness in your mouth or facial area, how long has that condition been present?
  • If you’ve had a tooth (or teeth) knocked out from an impact-related event, were you able to recover the lost teeth?

Why We Need Information about Your Dental Concern

In some cases, what one person perceives as a dental emergency may not truly require urgent care. For example, if you bleed from your gums every time you brush and floss, that’s not an emergency, but it is a sign that it’s time to schedule an appointment for an exam and cleaning since bleeding gums could be the sign of gum disease.

Likewise, if you’ve had a tooth knocked out or a dental veneer becomes unattached during an injury or impact-related event, our dentist in Salem, MA can provide you with tips to help preserve the tooth or veneer while you’re waiting to be seen for your treatment.

Be Pro-Active Against Dental Emergencies

If you want to reduce the risk of needing emergency dentistry near you altogether, we recommend that you do two things starting today. First, if it’s been more than six months since your last dental exam or cleaning, take time to book an appointment now to make sure there are no issues such as cracked teeth that could manifest into an emergency. Also, make sure to protect your teeth with a custom-made mouthguard that can be fitted by our Salem, MA dentist.

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