Digital Dental X-Rays in Salem, MA

There have been many advances made in modern dentistry in recent years, including the preferred use of digital dental x-rays. Because the team at Salem Dental Group is committed to not only providing the best dental care in Salem, MA, but also the most advanced dental care near you, we’re proud to use digital x-rays as a part of our modern dentistry practice.

Take Advantage of the Advantages of Digital Dental X-Rays

If you’re unfamiliar with the advantages of digital dental x-rays and why they have become the preferred method of dental imaging, we provide the following information to help you learn more.

In addition to using 70 percent less radiation than old-school x-ray imaging, digital dental x-rays decrease the time that you’ll have to sit in the dental chair waiting for your film to be processed, increase the quality of the x-ray so our dentists can better see what they need to see to diagnose and treat your dental concern, as well as being less expensive and more friendly to the environment.

Because patient comfort and quality of care are our two top priorities at Salem Dental Group, it just makes sense that we would use digital dental x-rays near you for top-tier patient care. Also, if you’ve ever walked away from a traditional x-ray consultation and wondered whether or not the imaging could have missed some critical detail, you’ll never have to wonder that again with our use of digital dental x-rays.

Choose Modern Dentistry

Did you know that film x-rays were used back in 1895? We imagine that just as you would not want a dentist to use dental tools that were considered to be antique that you wouldn’t want dental imaging to be that old either.

Digital dental x-rays are but one example of our commitment to using the most advanced technology, materials, and treatment protocols available in modern dentistry.

If you would like to learn more about our dentists near you, we invite you to call our office or use our online tool to make an appointment for digital dental x-rays in Salem, MA.

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