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If you’ve lost your teeth, you need to start looking for replacement options. Missing teeth are detrimental to your oral and overall health. For starters, when you have gaps in your bite, it negatively impacts the remaining teeth. Spaces in your bite occasioned by tooth loss can cause shifts in teeth position, leading to misalignment. What’s more, missing teeth can change your appearance, especially after the onset of bite collapse.

Tooth loss can cause low self-esteem as well as make it impossible for you to enjoy a healthy and balanced diet, which results in poor physical and mental health.

Salem Dental Group offers tooth replacement for patients who’ve suffered tooth loss. Among our replacement options are dentures. Dentures are removable dental restorations that comprise of two parts—a gum-colored plastic base and the fake or replacement teeth.

Dentures can replace several teeth or the entire upper and lower arches. In cases where you still have some natural teeth remaining, you require partial dentures. Patients who’ve lost all their teeth need complete dentures.

Treatment Procedure for Dentures

Patients usually need two appointments to get dentures. During the first appointment, our dentist in Salem, MA will examine you and take teeth impressions. At your second visit, the dentist fits you with your partial or complete dentures. It’s normal for dentures to require adjustments along the way. We offer alterations and post-treatment support at no additional charges. Call us today if you’d like to see our dentist again after receiving your dentures.

How Often Should You Replace Your Dentures?

Typically, you can use complete dentures for as long as 5 to 7 years before you need to replace them. Partial dentures, on the other hand, tend to have a lifespan of 4 to 6 years. In the interim period before you renew your dentures, you must honor your annual dental exams and cleanings to ensure proper maintenance of your dental restorations.

Are Dentures Only for Seniors?

Seniors usually struggle with tooth loss as a result of gum disease and cavities, which are sometimes age-related. Many seniors who’ve lost their teeth resort to dentures. However, that’s not to mean that dentures are for seniors only. Anybody can get partial or complete dentures, as long as our dentist in Salem, MA determines that you’re a suitable candidate for them.

If you’re looking to replace your teeth without turning to surgery and other invasive options, let Salem Dental Group make you the dentures that you need.

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